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The Box

“The Box” while it may seem like a strange title we have all been placed in a box. This “box” has been created by the people around us; those who do not think our christianity should be expressed outside our meeting place.

So often people ask about “going to church.” The truth is that it is theologically impossible to go to church. Why? Because the church is not a building, it does not have stained glass windows, a stage, or a sign with cool sayings. The church is the group of believers as a whole throughout the entire earth. The church is every Christian in the world together.

Throughout time we have been told by society that the church is a building. By taking that definition and using it ourselves we have been taught that this is where our christianity is to be lived out; within the walls of a building. Society has placed us in a box, and the box has kept us silent.

What would happen if we stepped out of the box, and lived the christian life everyday and everywhere?

My guess is that we would begin to see great changes in our cities and throughout the world.

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